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The main role of the management group is to build and provide the whole plan of the project. The management group also gives various suggestions to different groups and members so that the scientific collaborations will be encouraged. The management group organizes several regular meetings to promote the communications between the group members. Two international conferences will be held in 2008 and 2010 with the support of the management group.

Management Group

Project Leader
Takao Ohta ( Kyoto University )
Coordination Committee
Hiroshi Watanabe ( Kyoto University )
Masayuki Imai ( Ochanomizu University )
Masaki Sano ( University of Tokyo )
Toshihiro Kawakatsu ( Tohoku University )
Tadashi Kato ( Tokyo Metropolitan University )
Evaluation Group
Shigeyuki Komura ( Tokyo Metropolitan University )
Tohru Okuzono ( University of Tokyo )
Kenichi Yoshikawa ( Kyoto University )
Miki Wadati (Tokyo University of Science)
Seiichi Nakahama ( AIST )
Toshio Nishi ( WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research Tohoku University )