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International workshop on dynamic cross-effect in softly condensed matter

This workshop is planned as an activity of the research project supported by the Grant-in-Aid for the priority area “Soft Matter Physics” (2006-2010) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan.

November 4-5, 2009
National Center of Sciences (2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430)


Soft matter science is a rapidly expanding cross-disciplinary area covering physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, engineering and so on. Due to the long time- and length scales, soft matter can easily be brought into non-equilibrium states under such weak external fields as electric & magnetic fields, photo-illumination and mechanical stress.

In this workshop, we focus on the non-equilibrium structures observed in the transport phenomena, especially involving the cross correlations, e.g. thermoelectricity, thermodiffusion, and transport of matter through membranes including the unidirectional motion of motor-proteins. Physical understandings of these phenomena in mesoscopic fluctuating systems are now in progress beyond the classical theories. The workshop will offer both experimentalists and theoreticians working on the dynamic cross effect in various fields a chance to share their common interests and get closer to a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena, if possible, in the microscopic level.

* The workshop is a small event ( ~30 attendees, 2 days duration) and open only to invited participants, which allows a focused discussion between a representative set of researchers.

Invited speakers (in alphabetic order)

Tomiki Ikeda
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Daisuke Mizuno
(University of Kyushu, Japan)
Hiroshi Morita
(AIST, Japan)
Takayuki Nishizaka
(Gakushuin University, Japan)
Patrick Oswald
(ENS Lyon, France)
Miha Ravnik
(University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Masaki Sano
(Univeristy of Tokyo)
Sten Sarman
(Stockholm University, Sweden)
Ken Sekimoto
(University of Paris, France)
Hitoshi Tabata
(University of Tokyo)
Shuichi Tasaki
(Waseda University, Japan)
Ichiro Terasaki
(Waseda University, Japan)
Sho-ichi Toyabe
(Chuo University, Japan)
Ryo-ichi Yamamoto
(University of Kyoto, Japan)
Hiroshi Yokoyama
(Kent State University, USA)

Organizing Committee

Tohru Okuzono
(University of Tokyo)
Yuka Tabe
(Waseda University, Organizer)
Jun Yamamoto
(University of Kyoto)
Makoto Yoneya





Dead line

Abstract submission:
30, September 2009

Contact address

Yuka Tabe (Waseda University)